Social and Economic Development Index - 1st Session - 40th Legislature

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Social and Economic Development Index


Active transportation

Government initiatives

McMahon, 38

Active Transportation Advisory Board


Swanson, 39

Affordable Energy Fund. See also Energy Savings Act

Housing retrofits, low-income use

Bernas, 77

Pearce, 75

Stewart, 94

Neighbourhood renewal corporations, support for

Bernas, 78

Affordable Utility Rate Accountability Act

[Bill 18]

Proposed amendments

Miller, 52-53

Public presentations

Beddome, 43-44

Desorcy, 42

Written submissions

Miller, 50-54

Allan, Hon. Nancy (St. Vital) N.D.P.

Public Schools Amendment Act (Code of Conduct for School Trustees)

[Bill 21]


Clause 2, 35.2(4), 110

passed, 110

Opening remarks, 109

Sanction process, 66, 68

Allen, Leslie (Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation)

Brandon Energy Efficiency Program

Housing, water and energy retrofits, 59

Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation

Small grant funding, 59

Community Renewal Act

[Bill 7]

Advisory council membership, 59-60

Public presentation, 59-60

Energy retrofits

Brandon Energy Efficiency Program projects, 59

Global market (Brandon)

Neighbourhood renewal funding, 59


Community initiative funding (Brandon), 59

Altemeyer, Rob (Wolseley) N.D.P.

Alternative energy

Geothermal maintenance requirements, 72

Energy Savings Act

[Bill 24]


Clause 17(5), 125(5), 114

passed, 114

Manitoba Hydro

Power Smart programs, 91

Alternative energy

Geothermal energy

Initiatives and policies

Sale, 69

Maintenance requirements

Altemeyer, 72

Chomiak, 72

Robins, 72

Pricing models

Maguire, 91

Whelan Enns, 91

Shale gas

Costs and contracts

Chomiak, 70

Project status and costs

Sale, 69

Whelan Enns, 91

AMM. See Association of Manitoba Municipalities

Antitobacco programs. See Create and Rate program; Review and Rate; Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT); Tobacco use reduction

Ashton, Hon. Steve (Thompson) N.D.P.

Bus transportation

Public sector investment, 25

Highway Traffic Amendment Act (Inter-City Bus Service)

[Bill 5]

Opening remarks, 48

Highway Traffic Amendment Act (Speed Limits in School Zones)

[Bill 3]

Association of Manitoba Municipalities, consultations with, 23

Opening remarks, 48

Association of Manitoba Municipalities

Bus transportation recommendations

Ashton, 25

Consultations regarding legislation

Ashton, 23

Dobrowolski, 24

Eichler, 23

Aviation. See International Interests in Mobile Equipment Act (Aircraft Equipment)


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