Private Bills - 2nd Session - 41st Legislature

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Alward, Jonathan (Canadian Federation of Independent Business)

Red Tape Reduction Day Act (Bill 218)

One-for-one challenge, 19

Public presentations, 18-20

Reduction initiatives, 19

Regulations, cost to small business, 18-19

Small business

Regulations, cost of, 18-19

AMBER Alert program

Swan, 14-15

Antoniuk, Wally (Winnipeg Police Service)

Service and Therapy Animal Day Act (Bill 201)

Public presentations, 5-6

Winnipeg Police Service K9 Unit, 5

Winnipeg Police Service K9 Unit

Police training, 6, 7

Service dogs, number of, 6

Autism spectrum disorder. See Service and Therapy Animal Day Act

Avey, Jonathan (Private Citizen)

Civil Service Amendment Act (Employment Preference for Reservists with Active Service) (Bill 215)

Public presentations, 40-42


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