Look North


Invest in Tourism - Invest in Manitoba's Future

Manitoba's tourism industry is growing. As one of the province's leading industries, tourism has unlimited potential for growth. Travel Manitoba is aiming to increase tourism expenditures to rank fifth among Canadian provinces by 2020. This growth will lead to a broad range of economic, social and environmental benefits for our visitors, residents and communities. Investing in tourism will make Manitoba an even greater place to live and work.


Northern Manitoba Tourism Strategy

The Manitoba government and Travel Manitoba launched a Northern Manitoba Tourism Strategy (PDF 2 MB), a five-year plan to support the growth of northern tourism.


Sustainable funding is the key to ensuring Travel Manitoba can be competitive in an expanding global tourism marketplace.

After many months of advocating for a sustainable funding model for tourism and thanks to the influential support of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, the Manitoba Government adopted Plan 96/4 - A Sustainable Tourism Investment developed by Travel Manitoba. This investment model positions Manitoba as a leader in tourism innovation.

Plan 96/4 is a performance-based model that has the potential to increase tourism revenues by bringing new money to the province and its tourism businesses. In addition, the plan will deliver additional tax revenues to the province for other priorities such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure - benefitting all Manitobans.


Tourism is everybody's business

When we all work together, big things can be accomplished. Tourism depends on the support of the entire community to be successful. From local residents who volunteer their time, businesses that collaborate on development initiatives and governments that provide financial support - it takes every member of the region to stand together to promote their region's finest assets.

69% of all Manitoba tourist visits occur in the regions.
It is a misconception that tourists only want to visit the "big city." Most of the tourism in this province happens right in our own back yards. Take pride in the tremendous beauty of your region and show it off!

The tourism sector creates employment opportunities.
In Manitoba, tourism supports 20,640 jobs. Over $625.1 million in annual tax revenues are contributed to the economy by tourism wages and direct spending. The industry supports 12,900 direct tourism jobs and 20,640 jobs in total. Tourism jobs also provide valuable opportunities for youth and first-time workers to enter the work force due to the availability of part-time and seasonal work. Beyond entry-level positions, tourism creates a wide range of options for all types of employment at all pay scales.

Tourism is a real leader in Manitoba's economy and it is critically important that we value this resource and foster its development for the continued prosperity of the province.
$339.4 million in total provincial and municipal taxes per year are attributed to tourism. Under the investment through Plan 96/4, there is the potential for $288 million in new money to the province through tourism expenditures, resulting in an additional $46 million in provincial tax revenues. With the rapid growth in this industry, it makes sense to continue to invest in tourism - for economic, social and environmental benefits for the entire region.

Tourism is bigger than wheat.
Tourism is an export sector, as 1.4 million out-of-province visitors generate $589.4 million in export revenue - higher than the export revenue generated from wheat. Unlike other export sectors that make products and ship them overseas, tourism brings its customers to Manitoba itself - the people, the places, the food, and culture.

Tourism generates $1.6 billion in spending every year.
That is almost 3% of Manitoba's GDP. The revenue from this spending does not just benefit the tourism industry. The flow-through effect of travel means that a portion of every dollar spent by a visitor ends up in the hands of a secondary business and contributes to the development of the community. Manitoba is a showcase of diverse cultural offerings and unique immersive experiences that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Tourism is changing. The vast majority of travellers are no longer just looking for a sunny beach to lie on for a week. Visitors to Manitoba, in particular, are looking for once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will envelop them in culture, authenticity, exploration and adventure, and create memories that will stay with them forever.

Tourism is the 4th fastest growing industry in the world.
With growth like this, the possibilities are endless. People around the world are travelling more than ever, and continually seeking out authentic, meaningful experiences - just like the ones we pride ourselves on in Manitoba.