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Municipal Planning Guide to Zoning Bylaws

Urban and rural municipalities who are updating their local zoning bylaws are encouraged to use the Municipal Planning Guide to Zoning Bylaws in Manitoba. This comprehensive document has three components:

 1. An introduction to zoning that explains the purpose and function of zoning.




2. A reference binder of model zoning language that sets out a comprehensive zoning bylaw structure and language.



 3. Plug-in sections of zoning tools for specific topics that include general development, water, renewable resources and recreation, agriculture, mineral resources, industries and infrastructure, transportation and settlement areas.

The document should be read in its entirety, but users have the ability to access key components via the individual links above. An overview of the Guide was presented at the AMM 2015 Convention and can be accessed here.
Note that all applicants seeking funding assistance for a zoning bylaw project should ensure that consultant(s) use the Guide as a reference to prepare the zoning (by noting this as a requirement under the Terms of Reference or Call for Proposals issued by the municipality or planning district).