Resilient Agricultural Landscape Program: Watershed Resilience

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Resilient Agriculture Landscape Program: Watershed Resilience

The objective of the Resilient Agricultural Landscape Program (RALP): Watershed Resilience is to increase the environmental resilience of agricultural landscapes by accelerating the adoption of on-farm land use and beneficial management practices (BMPs). These include practices that enhance provision of multiple ecological goods and services (EGS), which are the environmental benefits that result from the physical, chemical and biological processes of a healthy ecosystem.

Eligible Applicants

Program is open to Manitoba Watershed Districts

Eligible Expenses

Eligible expenses are directly related to the execution of an approved project. The applicant must provide detailed costs for each activity in the Application Worksheet. There are six BMPs eligible for funding:

  • Agroforestry
  • Grasslands and Grazing Management
  • Natural Upland Area Rejuvenation and Enhancement
  • Riparian Area Enhancement
  • Water Retention and Runoff Management
  • Wetland Restoration and Enhancement

List of Funding Streams:


Funding to support establishment of agroforestry projects and simplify their maintenance.

Grasslands and Grazing Management

Funding to support the enhancement of grasslands and strategies to improve grazing management.

Natural Upland Area Rejuvenation and Enhancement

Funding to support improved ecological function of natural upland areas.

Riparian Area Enhancement

Funding to support the establishment and enhancement of healthy riparian areas.

Water Retention and Runoff Management

Funding to support retention to improve the management of surface water throughout a watershed.

Wetland Restoration and Enhancement

Funding to support the restoration and enhancement of wetlands.