Resiliency and Public Trust

Resiliency and Public Trust

Food Safety & Traceability

The Food Safety and Traceability Program is designed to assist Manitoba agri-food and agri-product sectors in adopting and improving food safety and traceability practices. Financial assistance will be provided to eligible recipients for the development and implementation of food safety programs systems, training, purchasing of specific food safety equipment and validation and verification activities and traceability initiatives. These systems are also a requirement for many customers, associations and government regulators. This program will assist businesses to maintain and increase market access and export capacity.

Eligible Applicant Types

Eligible Expenses

Eligible expenses include developing and implementing food safety programs, foods process and product validation activities, laboratory testing for food safety parameters, lab equipment, training costs, and professional fees for consultants, agencies or firms. More detail of eligible expenses can be found in the program guide.

List of funding streams:

Pre-approved Food Safety & Traceability Equipment

The Pre-approved Food Safety and Traceability Equipment funding stream is a rebate program. It allows eligible applicants to purchase equipment from a pre-approved list and submit the required documents to receive reimbursement.

Food Safety & Traceability Implementation Support

The Food Safety & Traceability Implementation Support program is designed to provide funding to assist eligible applicants to implement and improve food safety and traceability practices.