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Consumer Protection –
Automobile Injury Compensation Appeal Commission

1996 Decisions

AICAC Decisions for the Year 1996

AICAC File No. Date of Hearing (y/m/d) Date of Decision (y/m/d) Issue
AC-96-50 1996-12-05 1996/12/24 Calculation of compensation for permanent impairment.
AC-96-11 1996/09/09
1996/12/23 Suspension of I.R.I. and rehabilitation benefits due to the Appellant failing to follow or participate in a prescribed rehabilitation programs.
AC-96-37 1996/10/28
  1. Whether appellant entitled to I.R.I. for certain days when pain from m.v.a. injuries allegedly prevented work;
  2. calculation of I.R.I. for self-employed taxi driver
    - U.I. premiums to be omitted but C.P.P. contributions increased.
AC-96-46 1996/11/08
1996/12/13 Whether victim had achieved pre-accident status when I.R.I. terminated.
AC-96-22 1996/09/10 1996/12/13 Entitlement to compensation for permanent impairment.
AC-96-59 1996/11/29 1996/12/12
  1. Whether automobile accident was primary cause of termination of Appellant's employment;
  2. Period of income replacement indemnity entitlement, if any.
AC-96-58 1996/12/09 1996/12/12
  1. ‘New information’ - right of appellant to re-open earlier, unsuccessful appeal for I.R.I. during first 180 days?
  2. Whether Appellant lost employment opportunities due to accident;
  3. Post-180 day entitlement to income replacement indemnity.
AC-96-39 1996/12/06 1996/12/10 Costs of chiropractic treatment and travel - whether Appellant entitled thereto.
AC-96-28 1996/10/22 1996/12/10 Entitlement to income replacement indemnity.
AC-96-31 1996/10/24 1996/12/02
  1. Whether Appellant entitled to one, additional month's I.R.I.;
  2. Whether Appellant entitled to lump sum indemnity for loss of one term's studies;
  3. Jurisdiction of Commission to award costs of medication not raised at internal review.
AC-96-42 1996/11/21 1996/11/27 Entitlement to travel expenses when care given beyond 100 kilometers from victim's residence.
AC-96-43 1996/11/07 1996/11/26 Termination of benefits for non-compliance.
AC-96-07 1996/10/01 1996/11/07 Determination of the Appellant's level of experience in his identified class of employment for the purposes of calculation of Income Replacement Indemnity (I.R.I.).
AC-96-27 1996/09/09 1996/10/28 Claim for expenses for cable television, a specific cordless telephone, and traction boots; claim for unused portion of a meal allowance.
AC-96-05 1996/05/06
  1. Whether Appellant had attained pre-accident physical condition by the date when M.P.I.C. discontinued benefits.
  2. Whether subsequent chiropractic treatments were necessitated by automobile accidents.
AC-96-21 1996/10/30 1996/08/31 Meaning of ‘caused by the use of an automobile.‘
AC-96-16 1996/08/08 1996/08/19 Whether appellant would have been a ‘dependant’ of deceased victim and, therefore, entitled to lump sum indemnity, had victim been employed at time of accident.
AC-96-20 1996/07/11 1996/07/18 Whether victim, entitled to Unemployment Insurance sick benefits, can elect to receive M.P.I. benefits instead.
AC-96-26 1996/07/22 1996/07/23
  1. No work available of which appellant was deprived - whether right to I.R.I. exists;
  2. injuries healed within 4-5 months - whether claim for I.R.I. after 180 days valid.
AC-96-15 1996/07/08 1996/07/16 Computation of income replacement indemnity (‘I.R.I.’) - deduction of hypothetical tax.
AC-96-12 1996/07/04 1996/07/10 Whether injuries ‘caused by the use of’ motor vehicle.
AC-96-04 1996/06/20 1996/07/02
  1. Loss of employment - whether caused by accident - ture of resultant compensation.
  2. Reimbursement of moving expenses.
AC-96-06 1996/05/24 1996/06/28 Can Income Replacement Indemnity be calculated based only on one month's gross earnings?
AC-96-13 1996/06/06 1996/06/14 Victim's right to claim interest on delayed payment.
AC-96-08 1996/05/13 1996/05/28 Entitlement to reimbursement of expenses for real economic loss related to personal time, mileage and maintenance costs for travel to M.P.I.C. and costs for registered mail.
AC-95-20 1996/05/07 1996/05/08 Meaning of 'disabled' for purposes of lump sum indemnity when applied (a) to widow, injured in fatal accident, and (b) to injured, dependent, infant child of deceased.
AC-96-10 1996/04/18
1996/05/06 How does a 'non-earner' qualify for I.R.I.? Calculation of I.R.I., if awarded.
AC-95-25 1996/04/16 1996/04/19 Cost of corrective eyeglass lenses - whether made necessary by auto accident.
AC-96-02 1996/04/04 1996/04/12 Entitlement to compensation for massage therapy treatments prescribed by a Chiropractor and dispensed by a Registered Massage Therapist - meaning of ‘dispensed.’
AC-96-03 1996/02/26 1996/03/22 Is the Appellant entitled to full ompensation for I.R.I. for the period from January 11th, 1995 to April 26th, 1995?
AC-95-22 1996/02/13 1996/03/20 Resumption of chiropractic treatments after stabilization whether patient entitled to reimbursement of costs of treatment.
AC-95-17 1995/12/15 1996/03/13 Massage therapy in British Columbia - is it equivalent to athletic therapy in Manitoba and is its cost, therefore, covered by the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation Act ('the Act')?
AC-95-23 1996/02/12 1996/02/21 Full-time, part-time or temporary earner?
Appropriateness of determined employment.
AC-95-24 1996/01/26
1996/02/02 Extent of disability; ability to return to work; right of M.P.I.C. to terminate benefits for non-cooperation; quantum of I.R.I.
AC-95-19 1996/01/05 1996/01/10
  1. Calculation of Income Replacement Indemnity for Appellant;
  2. whether Appellant entitled to cost of hiring replacement labour.
AC-95-10 1995/12/18
  1. Causation - Burden of proof - Post hoc ergo propter hoc?
  2. Entitlement as a full-time earner to I.R.I.

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