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Automobile Injury Compensation Appeal Commission

2009 Decisions

AICAC Decisions for the Year 2009

AICAC File No. Date of Hearing (y/m/d) Date of Decision (y/m/d) Issue
AC-07-59 2009/11/09 2009/12/31 Entitlement to Personal Injury Protection Plan Benefits
AC-06-74 2009/10/01 2009/12/31 Entitlement to Income Replacement Indemnity Benefits beyond August 20, 2005
AC-04-98 2009/12/16 2009/12/30 Two-year determination of employment
AC-06-68 2009/12/16 2009/12/30 Entitlement to reimbursement of physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment
AC-08-91 2009/11/26 2009/12/17 Whether the Appellant is entitled to an extension of time to file the application for review
AC-05-209 2009/11/27 2009/12/15 Entitlement to Income Replacement Indemnity benefits beyond July 10, 2005
AC-06-18 2009/11/12 2009/12/09 Entitlement to funding for further physiotherapy treatment
AC-08-29 2009/10/29 2009/12/08 Whether the appellant’s low back problems are causally related to the motor vehicle accident
AC-06-61 2009/11/10 2009/11/30
  1. Whether the Appellant had a reasonable excuse for the late filing of his application for review;
  2. and if so, whether the Appellant was correctly determined into the employment of a Front Desk Clerk; and
  3. whether low intensity laser therapy (LILT) is medically required in the management of the injuries the Appellant sustained as a result of the motor vehicle accident
AC-06-27 2009/10/28 2009/11/25 Entitlement to funding for an orthopedic bed and cervical pillow
AC-08-77 2009/10/05 2009/11/17 Entitlement to reimbursement of chiropractic treatments
AC-06-07 2009/09/23 2009/11/09 Entitlement to further physiotherapy treatment benefits beyond May 19, 2005.
AC-09-34 2009/10/27 2009/11/06 Entitlement to Permanent Impairment Benefit for Tinnitus
AC-06-159 2009/10/06 2009/11/04 Entitlement to funding for chiropractic treatment benefits beyond July 15, 2005
AC-06-50 2009/10/08 2009/11/04 Entitlement to Personal Care Assistance Benefits (whether injury to right rotator cuff has a cause and effect relationship to the motor vehicle accident).
AC-08-52 2009/10/15 2009/10/29 Entitlement to reimbursement of the cost of a mattress and boxspring.
AC-06-162 2009/10/14 2009/10/28 Ongoing entitlement to Income Replacement Indemnity (“IRI”) benefits which ended on April 2, 2006.
AC-09-19 2009/09/08 2009/10/16 Extension of time to file Notice of Appeal.
AC-04-125 2009/04/28, 29 2009/10/05 Whether Appellant's Personal Injury Protection Plan benefits were properly suspended effective 30 Jan 04.
Entitlement to reimbursement of expenses.
Whether Appellant's Personal Injury Protection Plan benefits were properly suspended.
AC-05-010 2008/12/11 2009/01/15 Entitlement to additional permanent impairment benefits.

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