Journey of Support Manual

Journey of Support Manual CoverJourney of Support Manual: A Direct Service Worker Action Guide to provide orientation, information and resources to assist the Direct Service Worker or Disability Support Worker in supporting individuals with a disability and his or her family.
Introduction (308KB, PDF)
  1. Promoting Professionalism (335KB, PDF)
  2. Promoting Quality of Life in the Community (871KB, PDF)
  3. Promoting Health and Wellness (1128KB, PDF)
  4. Understanding Disabling Conditions (625KB, PDF)
  5. Promoting Effective Communication (781KB, PDF)
  6. Promoting Positive Perspectives on Behaviour (798KB, PDF)
  7. Promoting Learning for Individuals (161KB, PDF)
  8. Promoting Successful Relationships with Families (186KB, PDF)

  9. Understanding Human Development (1726KB, PDF)
  10. Acknowledgements (16KB, PDF)