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Study Abroad: German Exchange Program

Manitoba and the state of Hamburg, Germany have participated in an exchange program for high school students since 1979. The longevity of the program is evidence of its success and we encourage you to become a part of this great tradition.

In January 2017, Manitoba reinforced its longstanding cooperation with the city-state of Hamburg by re-signing the official exchange agreements.

Unlike many programs, where students spend a couple of weeks in the host country travelling in English-speaking groups, this exchange places students in schools and families for three months. This kind of immersion experience has proven to be very effective for language and culture acquisition.

The German exchange program provides you with numerous advantages:

  • Gain fluency in German
  • Discover the richness of German culture
  • Develop close friendships with German students
  • Spend three months surrounded by the beauty and energy of northern Germany and visit historic Berlin
  • Become part of a German family
  • Learn to adapt to our changing world and gain a new perspective on Canada

How does it work?

In Manitoba, the program is administered by the Manitoba Teachers of German. German students come to Manitoba from August to November. A German student will live with your family while they are living and studying in Manitoba. From March until the end of June, you will then travel to Hamburg, Germany to live with your German student’s family. As a Manitoban student, you will be accompanied by a Manitoba teacher to Germany.

As a Manitoban student, your application deadline is the beginning of January each year to participate in an exchange from March to June of the following year.

How much does the exchange cost?
The approximate cost is $3000, and includes group airfare and activities in Germany and a week in Berlin. Below is a table with a breakdown of the fee payment installments.

Payment installments Amount
When application is submitted (beginning of January) $350.00
June meeting $600.00
End of September $1400.00
January of following year
(This payment can fluctuate depending on the cost of airfare and cost of a group trip to Berlin)
$650 approximately
Total $3,000 approximately
Note: Students should budget for optional activities such as concerts, sporting, events, additional trips with your school or host family, and spending money

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Am I Eligible?

The exchange involves students in Senior 3 (Grade 11). As an applicant, you must have good academic standing. If you choose to stay for three months, you must also have a solid foundation in the German language. Please apply online using the following link The completed application and required documents should be submitted by January 12, 2018. The non-refundable deposit of $350 CDN should be made out to MTG-Germany Exchange and needs to be mailed to:

c/o Elly Kampen
54 Apple Hill Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3Y 1A5

For more information and application, talk to the German teacher at your school or contact Charlotte Kroeker, Chair of the Manitoba-Germany Exchange at

Study in Germany - poster Study in Germany - poster
Study in Germany Poster (505 KB PDF) Study in Germany Brochure (648 KB PDF

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