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Key Information


The St. James-Assiniboia School Division is located in the suburb of St. James on the west side of Winnipeg , the capital and major metropolitan centre of the province of Manitoba. As a city of 680,000, Winnipeg is safe, secure and friendly, offering a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Professional sports teams, the internationally-renowned Royal Winnipeg Ballet, professional theatre groups and numerous multicultural organizations (such as in China Town ) thrive. In addition to four universities and a major college, there are world-class medical research facilities. Main industries include aerospace, food processing, manufacturing and transportation.

In addition to the open prairie landscape, the surrounding area includes lakes, sandy beaches, forests and hills, which allow students an almost unlimited range of year-round activities, including fishing, skiing, swimming, hiking and skating.

Accommodation Options:
Our students live with carefully selected local Canadian families through our Homestay Program. Our Homestay Manager personally inspects, interviews and approves each homestay family. Living with a Canadian family is a great opportunity to practice English, learn about Canadian culture and participate in family activities, with friendly, kind and caring people. The Program includes meals and a private bedroom, shared telephone, laundry and bathroom facilities and free airport pickup. We provide continuing support to our homestay families and international students. Our homestay program offers a positive atmosphere for study. Our students make life-long friendships and have life-long memories from their stays with our families!

Health Insurance Requirement:
All international students must have complete medical insurance coverage provided through the International Student Program. We will provide assistance with this matter.

Student Population:
Student Ages Accepted: 10-19 years old; Class Sizes 12-36 students; School Sizes: 400-950 students; Student/Teacher Ratio: 20:1; Total Division Enrolment: ~9,000; Program Enrolment: 100; % of District Enrolment: less than 1%; Admitted/year to Program: ~75

There are currently students from Brazil, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Spain, Vietnam, and Venezuela in St. James-Assiniboia.

Study Periods:
International students are accepted throughout the school year. Our high schools operate on a semester system that facilitates entry either in September or February. Although two semesters constitute a full school year, we welcome international students at either starting point and at varied times throughout the school year.

Institutional Profile

The St. James-Assiniboia School Division (SJSD) aims to put students on the path to postsecondary achievement and academic excellence. SJSD graduates are eligible and prepared for admission to universities and colleges in Canada , the U.S. and throughout the world. See our website for specific information about the programs and facilities at

Program Details

Students may complete their high school studies with the Academic Certificate, Advanced Academic Certificate, International Baccalaureate Diploma and Certificates, Advance Placement Certificates, French Immersion Diploma, Technology Education Diploma and Performing Arts Program Diploma.

Along with general high school instruction, SJSD delivers an extensive range of optional and specialized studies. The curriculum includes courses in computer science, computer applications, English, geography, mathematics, history, chemistry, physics, biology, French, Spanish, German, visual arts, dance, drama/theatre arts, choral music, band, business education, home economics, technology, advanced mathematics, pre-engineering technology and social sciences.

The Division's exceptionally high academic levels meet or exceed government standards. Our strong science and mathematics programs exemplify commitment to academic excellence. We offer French Immersion programming and a wide variety of co-curricular activities.

ESL Support is available at every school level to prepare international students for academic studies in Canada. A qualified counsellor monitors the progress of international students, and offers support and guidance whenever necessary. ESL support develops English language skills, while exploring Canadian cultural themes. Our international students receive many compliments on their English language skills after they have attended our schools.


In September 2007 St. James-Assiniboia School Division will include six middle schools and four high schools: John Taylor, St. James, Sturgeon Heights and Westwood. All schools offer high-quality services and programs and have different courses and major areas of study.

All schools in SJSD house modern learning, state-of-the-art facilities, fully equipped to meet our students' needs in a technologically advanced world. Our teachers, all of whom are certified by Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth are experienced and accessible; they encourage students to explore and to achieve their potential. Facilities include trades and technology equipment, theatres and performing arts equipment, fully equipped scientific laboratory areas, libraries with extensive print materials, CD-Rom resources and study rooms and computer laboratories.

All schools have at least one gymnasium with a full range of athletic equipment; some include weight room facilities.

We encourage our students to get involved in many co-curricular activities, including sports, drama, music, fashion shows and community service events.

Activities and Support

The International Student Program staff maintains close contact with students, homestay families and school staff. Strong support systems are an important aspect of our Program. We take pride in providing students with a well-rounded experience, which includes a balanced approach to academics, co-curricular activities and having a pleasant stay in Winnipeg !

We offer an organized and supervised activities program which includes special restaurant nights, sporting and cultural activities, nature and city tours, and many other events.

We can put you in touch with alumni who would be happy to correspond with, and answer questions for, prospective students.

Tuition and Fees:
Please contact St. James-Assiniboia school division directly for fee information.

Enrolment Information

  • Complete the Student Application Form (downloaded from our website, Completed applications must include:
    • original transcripts from the last two years of school
    • a letter of recommendation from the previous principal or school official
    • a current photograph of the student
    • a non-refundable application fee of $200.00 payable to the St. James-Assiniboia School Division
  • Send completed application (as outlined above) to:

    Director, International Student Program (ISP)
    St. James-Assiniboia School Division
    470 Hamilton Avenue, Winnipeg , Manitoba, R2Y 0H4, Canada

    You may fax the application to 1-204-888-0945. The application fee may be paid using Visa or Mastercard.

  • The Director decides upon acceptance and placement of students. Accepted students will receive a formal letter of acceptance and a letter of custodialship (for students of minority age). Procedures for payment of fees are determined at this time.
  • An information package will be sent to the student. The homestay family will be arranged and continuing support will be provided by the ISP to respond to the student's concerns and questions.
  • ISP staff and homestay family meet the student at the James A. Richardson International Airport in Winnipeg and help the student settle into the city and homestay environment.
  • ISP staff introduces the student to teachers, counsellors and Principal of the receiving school. The Director and Principal ensure that a proper academic program is planned for the student.

Contact Information

St. James-Assiniboia International Student Program
470 Hamilton Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2Y 0H4
Tel: +1-204-837-1331
Fax: +1-204-888-0945
St. James-Assiniboia has great schools for growing and learning!

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Hin Yat T. ( Hong Kong ) " Winnipeg is a quiet place. Although it is a bit cold, this is an environment for studying. Studying here, there are lots of freedoms. The teachers know English is not our first language. They would help us by giving us more time to do our homework, or extra help. Also, there are ESL teachers who are looking after international students. They are concerned not only about our academic performance, but also our life here. Living with a Homestay family is an excellent chance to practice English. Although they are not my relatives, I can feel the warmth of the family, I feel like a member of them." (Studied at Westwood Collegiate one year. Graduated from Westwood Collegiate. Attending University of Manitoba Engineering Program -won scholarships-in Sept. 2004)

Derek C. ( Hong Kong ) "Winnipegers are friendly and helpful. Especially in school, I ask questions without hesitation. One day I got lost and when I was finding the way out, someone came and asked me if I wanted help or not. I was impressed at how nice Winnipeggers are. I found out it was so easy to make Canadian friends. When you talk about the study atmosphere, Winnipeg probably has the best conditions for study. Winnipeg , going to school is almost for fun and certainly you can learn a lot of stuff other than textbooks. If you need extra help, the teachers are always available for you." (Graduated in June, 2005 from Westwood Collegiate after his third year in senior school in St. James Assiniboia. Attending University of Toronto.)

Quency C. ( Hong Kong ) ."This is my third year to stay with my Homestay family. They treat me like I am a member of their family. They help me with anything I need. They include me in family activities like sledding (tobogganing). My Homestay family likes the friends I have made here, and they encourage me to get out and experience Winnipeg with them or my friends. The weather here can be intimidating. It can be incredibly cold in the winter. I just wear lots of clothes, and when it is really cold, I go places when my Homestay can drive me. I use the bus system most of the time. The weather in spring and fall is really nice. The summer is a beautiful green and autumn is red and gold." (Graduated in June, 2005 from Silver Heights Collegiate after her third year in senior school in St. James Assiniboia. Attending University of Manitoba.)

Darren W. ( Taiwan )."Deciding to come to St. James-Assiniboia was definitely the best decision I ever made. All the incredible experiences I had in Winnipeg , I shall always keep in my heart." (Graduated from Westwood Collegiate after two years in senior school in St. James-Assiniboia. Graduated University of Manitoba 2006.)

Rodrigo B. ( Brazil ) "Being part of the Program was great! My English has improved and most important, I've learned how to feel comfortable living in a different culture." (Attended St. James Collegiate for one semester. Now attending University of Winnipeg .)

Giuliana V. Brazil ). "It was scary, it was amazing, it was crazy, it was everything. During my stay in Winnipeg, I discovered more about myself and my values. I love the snow and the first day I saw snow was amazing. I'll really miss being here and my host family because they taught me a lot. I think I am a little Canadian. (Attended Westwood Collegiate for one semester.)

Thiago ( Brazil )."Throughout my experience in Canada , I have done many interesting things such as snowboarding, golfing, ice-fishing and I met new people. I liked the fact that I met people from another culture and I also like the fact that Winnipeg is a very safe city." (Attended Silver Heights Collegiate and Westwood Collegiate.)

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