Indigenous and Stakeholder Consultations

Public input

Water management is a highly technical and complex field and the consequences of various activities can be significant.

In this and all water management activities the Manitoba government hopes to improve the public’s knowledge of how water control structures are operated, while providing a means for public review and discussion.

An open house on the conceptual design of the Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin outlet channels was held in September 2014 in Ashern, Manitoba.  This event provided an opportunity for stakeholders in this region to examine proposals, express their opinions, and influence the conceptual design options.  In December 2014, open houses were held in Dauphin, Brandon and Portage la Prairie on the larger Assiniboine River and Lake Manitoba Basins Flood Mitigation Study. The open house storyboards and comment forms are available online at In June and July 2017, open houses were also held in Moosehorn and Winnipeg.

The 2017 open house storyboards and comment forms are available here:

Questions and comments about the project can be directed to

Duty to Consult – Indigenous peoples

Manitoba recognizes its duty to consult with Indigenous peoples in a meaningful way regarding this project in accordance with federal legislation (Section 35 of The Constitution Act, 1982).

The consultation process will be led by a Steering Committee with representation from Manitoba Infrastructure, Manitoba Indigenous and Northern Relations and other provincial departments.