FireView 2023

The FireView map and table below illustrate the location and status of current wildfire activity in Manitoba. The tabular information is derived from the end of the previous business day, so any changes to today's fire activity will be reflected in tomorrow's product. FireView is updated hourly between 11:05 am and 3:05 pm with the most current tabular and map data available at that time. Extinguished fires are hidden by default on the map, but can be displayed using the legend control in the upper right.

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Map: Use the legend in the top right to turn fire layers on/off (extinguished fires are off by default). Change background maps using the control in the bottom left. Zoom in/out, return to the MB view, and do measurements with the tools in the top left. To view more information about a fire, click the fire on the map.

Table: Sort table columns by clicking on the column headers. Use the search box above the table to filter the data (i.e. enter Human to show only human-caused fires). Separate terms with a space to search by more than one term. Summary statistics are shown below the table, and are responsive to your search terms.

DISCLAIMER: This map is provided for informational, non-commercial, personal purposes only. This page reflects the best information electronically available at the moment the data was created. The fire shapes and sizes may differ from the actual fire occurrence due to changing weather conditions and a variety of natural, electronic, and human factors beyond the control of Manitoba Natural Resources and Northern Development.