Restoring Safe Services

Guidelines for Vocalists and Instrumentalists

The COVID-19 pandemic has led us to reconsider our typical practices and how they may contribute to the transmission of infection. Music is an important part of society and integral to many cultural practices. This guideline is meant to assist amateur or professional vocalists, instrumentalists and organizers of music groups.

There have been multiple reports globally where participation in a choir has been associated as an event that led to the spread of COVID-19 to many people (also called a `super-spreader' event).

As part of Restoring Safe Services: Phase Two, choirs or musical theatre activities should not be allowed, due to a higher risk of transmission through singing compared to speaking. Infected people may transmit the virus over greater distances through their saliva or respiratory droplets while singing and when playing certain instruments such as wind or brass instruments. As the evidence for assessing the risk of these activities is still not well understood, the following guidelines have been established

Guidelines for Vocalists
and Instrumentalists

Guidelines for Vocalists and Instrumentalists (pdf)