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Canadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities

CAPSA is a national interjurisdictional association of pension regulators whose mission is to facilitate an efficient and effective pension regulatory system in Canada. It discusses pension regulatory issues of common interest and develops solutions to further the simplification and harmonization of pension regulation across Canada.


Pension Plan Prudent Investment Practices Guideline & Pension Plan Funding Policy November 15, 2011
Multi-Jurisdictional Pension Plans May 20, 2011
CAPSA Spring 2011 Meeting Highlights April 13, 2011
Fund Holder Arrangements March 1, 2011
Pension Plan Governance Guidelines October 25, 2004
Capital Accumulation Plans May 28, 2004
Electronic Communications in the Pension Industry February 15, 2002
Flexible Pension Plans April 30, 1999

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