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Service Standards

The Office of the Superintendent Pension Commission's Mission

To provide its clients: employers, plan members and pension industry in general, with consistent, accurate, timely, knowledgeable, and non-biased interpretative information in the application and enforcement of The Pension Benefits Act of Manitoba.

Purpose of Service Standards

Service standards are needed to ensure client satisfaction with the services provided and to assure the ongoing maintenance of a high standard of service delivery. The Office of the Superintendent - Pension Commission (OSPC) Service Standards are designed to ensure that the OSPC will continue to provide our clients with a service which they value by:

  • Providing a measure by which the quality of the services provided by the OSPC may be judged by those receiving the services and;
  • Providing the staff of the OSPC with objective standards to be observed in carrying out their responsibilities.
  • Providing opportunity to review problems.

OSPC Service Standards


The following constitutes the time frames clients may expect:

Telephone Enquiries

Whenever possible, staff will return a phone call on the day the call is received. When not possible, the call will be returned on the next working day.

Written Enquiries

Staff will respond to a general enquiry, in writing when necessary, or orally, within 10 working days from receipt of the initial request.

Should staff require more time to review and research the enquiry, the client will be advised and an estimated date of response will be communicated to the client accordingly.


Whenever possible, at least one Analyst will be available for consultation during regular working hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. On those occasions when an Analyst is not available, a phone call or E-mail message will be returned on the next working day.

Telephone Voice Mail will be updated regularly, to ensure that clients are aware of the staff's availability at all times and inform the client of an alternative when necessary, due to vacation or lengthy absences, etc.

For E-mail inquiries, clients can access the OSPC's Home Page at the following address:


Legislation & Enforcement

Legislation will be applied in accordance with The Pension Benefits Act of Manitoba and associated regulation.

Interpretative services will be concise and appropriate to our clients' information needs.

Interpretative services and legislative enforcement will be communicated to our clients.

In writing on complex or significant matters, and/or, orally on routine or minor matters.

Plan Responsibility

Each Analyst is responsible for a specific group of plans.

When an enquiry directly related to a plan is received, the enquiry will be forwarded to the Analyst responsible for that specific plan.


Every client is important and is entitled to courtesy and consideration from OSPC staff all times.

Staff will have a current knowledge of The Pension Benefits Act of Manitoba, as well as the legislation of other jurisdictions.

Consultation with other jurisdictions may be required and clients may be referred to another jurisdiction when necessary.

Complaint Mechanism

If for any reason, a client feels that the service received has not met the OSPC's stated service standards, a letter outlining the client's complaint may be sent directly to the Superintendent of Pensions and will be handled by the Superintendent personally and in a completely confidential manner.

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