Ride Safe This Summer

The following 30-second public service announcements feature tips to help you Ride Safe This Summer!

Clips provided courtesy of CTV Winnipeg. Adobe Flash Player required.

Road Rules

"It's expected this year in Manitoba that 60 cyclists will be seriously injured in a fall or collision.  Following the rules of the road can help you from becoming one of them."

*Hospitalization data from 2007-2011 demonstrate that every year in Manitoba, approximately 165 cyclists are hospitalized for cycling related injuries, with several resulting in serious injury or death.



"Bikes come in a variety of styles and colours, and when you're out shopping for one, make sure you get the bike that's properly sized for you."



"A bike helmet is probably the most important piece of equipment a cyclist can own...and getting the right fit is important."


Low Light Riding

"Safe riding practices are important any time, but remember--the risks go up when the sun is down."