Healthy Together Now

Six out of 10 Canadians are already living with at least one chronic disease. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer, heart disease and stroke, kidney and lung disease are major causes of illness, disability and death in Manitoba. 

Healthy Together NowCreating supportive environments and changing lifestyle habits are effective ways to prevent chronic disease and improve the quality of life for Manitobans. The earlier prevention starts, the more options there are for prevention as chronic disease can take a long time to 'set in'. Prevention is our best option for fighting chronic disease.

Healthy Together Now is a community-led, regionally coordinated and government supported grassroots program to help prevent chronic disease in Manitoba.

Projects are planned and lead by individual communities while the Manitoba government and regional health authorities provide funding, support and training.

The program operates in five regional health authorities and targets Manitobans who are most at risk for chronic disease in rural, urban, First Nations and Métis communities.

Program goals include:

  • supporting communities that lead prevention activities
  • encouraging organizations, communities, regions and governments to work together to help prevent chronic disease
  • building on and blending with existing prevention programs and developing new ones
  • increasing communities’ knowledge and ability to run prevention programs for a variety of chronic diseases

Healthy Together Now projects have helped Manitobans tackle chronic disease risk factors, by:

  • living smoke free
  • being more active
  • eating healthier food
  • supporting mental well-being

Some common characteristics of Healthy Together Now projects:

  • Grassroots:  community members identify, initiate and lead projects
  • Well researched:  project plans and designs are evidence based and measured for results
  • Integrated:  communities plan projects to add value to and expand the reach of existing projects
  • Focused: projects involve people who are at high risk for chronic disease
  • Sustainable: communities build partnerships and promote ownership on projects, to ensure long term effectiveness

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