Strategies, Research and Reports


Research and Reports


  • Injuries in Manitoba-a 10 Year Review.jpgInjuries in Manitoba: A 10-Year ReviewPDF
    This report outlines the injury trends in Manitoba over a ten-year period from 1992-2001 and includes data on both unintentional and intentional injury.
  • Injury Prevention: A Review of Best Practices
    The Injury Prevention: A Review of Best Practices series outlines a number of best practices recommendations in the areas of drowning, falls and fall-related injuries, motor vehicle occupant injuries, and suffocation and choking injuries. The series is designed to be a resource for communities and organizations working in these particular areas of injury prevention.


  • The Cost of Injury in Canada Report
    The Cost of Injury in CanadaThe Cost of Injury in Canada 2015 report has been developed by Parachute Canada (previously called the Economic Burden of Illness in Canada report). The report is a comprehensive cost of injury study that provides estimates of the burden of injury by providing a breakdown of total injury costs, direct and indirect costs, intentional and unintentional injury, injury by cause and cost of injury by cause. The report also provides a Manitoba breakdown of these costs.
  • Parachute Canada
    Parachute is a national, charitable injury prevention organization, formed in July 2012, which unites the former organizations of Safe Communities Canada, Safe Kids Canada, SMARTRISK and ThinkFirst Canada into one strong leader in injury prevention.
  • BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit
    BCIRPU continues its successful program of injury surveillance and research, which has contributed to the understanding and prevention of injury in BC and beyond. BCIRPU continues to be a leader in the development and evaluation of evidence‐based prevention strategies, and to maintain a solid reputation among provincial, national and international injury prevention communities. Serving as a hub, BCIRPU plays a central role in coordinating and supporting injury prevention initiatives throughout the province and Canada.
  • Injury Prevention Centre
    The Injury Prevention Centre is a provincial organization that focuses on reducing catastrophic injury and death in Alberta. We act as a catalyst for action by supporting communities and decision-makers with knowledge and tools. We raise awareness about preventable injuries as an important component of life-long health and wellness
  • Traffic Injury Research Foundation
    The Traffic Injury Research Foundation is a national, independent road safety institute. Since its inception in 1964, TIRF has become internationally recognized for its accomplishments in a wide range of subject areas related to identifying the causes of road crashes and developing programs and policies to address them effectively.