Smokeless Tobacco Products

Smokeless tobacco goes by many names including: chew, dip, snus, plug, twist, pinch and snuff. In addition to causing cancer and other diseases, these products can deliver more nicotine than cigarettes and are highly addictive. For more information on smokeless tobacco products visit

In Manitoba, Dr. Dean Kriellaars and the Sport Medicine and Science Council of Manitoba have surveyed over 2000 athletes to examine substance use patterns categorized by sport and athlete sex. A concerning result of this survey was the high levels of use of chewing tobacco. Some highlights of their results include:

  • Higher rates of use exist in young men from 15 – 22 years of age
  • Athletes as young as 12 are beginning to chew
  • Athletes in hockey, baseball and softball and rugby are particularly prone to use
  • Most parents didn’t know their child chewed until 2 years after they started.

To learn more about smokeless tobacco use in sport visit the Sport Medicine and Science Council of Manitoba or check out WAVE Magazine’s article Deadly Game – Health and sports groups say the use of smokeless tobacco is on the rise among young hockey players.