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Healthy Living and Seniors

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Healthy Eating for Infants and Children

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It’s in the early years that children learn lifelong habits for healthy eating.  By encouraging and establishing good eating habits early on, children will form healthy attitudes and behaviors towards food.  These attitudes will last a lifetime. 

Infant and Child Feeding Resources

Having a new baby in the house can be a very busy time.  There is so much to learn about the newest family member!  These resource guides on infant feeding and nutrition can help take some of the guess work out of feeding baby. 

Food in Schools

Food is an integral part of school life. Whether it is served in cafeterias, canteens, or vending machines; offered as part of breakfast programs; used for fundraising or special events; or is a subject for curriculum instruction, food plays an important role in the school day.

Research shows that healthy eating helps school-aged children focus on lessons and learn more.  Schools across Manitoba are taking action to promote healthy eating and healthy food choices at school. The Manitoba School Nutrition Handbook PDF is a resource that is assisting schools in offering healthier choices to students – making the healthy choice the easy choice. To learn more, visit the Food in Schools website.  Here you will find a number of resources tailored to help anyone working in or with a school on food related activities.  

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