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Manitoba's Legends of Rock

Yukon Dan Moore

The Manitoba Geological Survey is proud to welcome Canada's champion gold panner Yukon Dan (Dan Moore) to our Legends of Rock "Hall of Fame". We would like to thank Dan for delivering over ten years of support to our Manitoba Rocks! school tours program.

Yukon Dan is a professional gold panner, a winner of numerous awards, and a silver medalist for Canada's national team at the 1998 World Gold Panning Championships held in Coloma, California. Yukon Dan also won awards at the Barkerville Gold Panning Championships 150th Anniversary, including first prize at Barkerville's 2012 Gold Panning Championship. An expert on gold panning, Yukon Dan enjoys sharing his knowledge with hands-on workshops in schools. Much of Dan's expertise is derived from his knowledge about the Canadian gold rush era, specifically in the Fraser River, Bonanza Creek and Williams Creek areas.

During Dan's workshops, students often explore different interactive stations and can pan for gold, separate minerals with a magnet, or take part in related activities. Following prescribed learning outcomes that support curriculum learning, Dan helps teachers provide a fun and educational workshop experience for students. Students are always eager to learn more and often describe Yukon Dan's workshops as their "best field trip experience ever".

Yukon Dan was a star attraction at various mineral education events in Manitoba over the years and always sparked 'gold fever'.  Dan also made a difference in the lives of countless young patients at The Children's Hospital of Winnipeg through annual visits as part of a closed circuit TV program at the hospital.

Manitoba Rocks! expresses heartfelt appreciation to Yukon Dan for sharing his remarkable knowledge and passion about gold as well as his fascinating gold collection.

Yukon Dan --- YOU ROCK! Welcome to our Legends of Rock.


Image of Yukon Dan Moore