Law Amendments - 3rd Session - 37th Legislature

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Law Amendments Index


7-Eleven Stores. See Harder, Pauline



Eadie, Sharon (Association of Occupational Therapists of Manitoba)

Occupational Therapists Act (Bill 26), 221-223

Complaints committee, 222

Continuing competence program, 222

Definitions, 221

Occupational therapist, definition of, 223

Public representation, 221, 223

Registration committee, 222

École Dugald School. See Kathan, Maja

ÉGALE. See Marchildon, Gilles

Elk, Lorraine (Private Citizen)

Provincial Police Amendment (Aboriginal Policing) Act (Bill 44), 74-276

Dakota Tipi First Nation

Gang activity, 274-275

Police service, 275-276

Social programs, 276

Emberley, Kenneth (Private Citizen)

Non-Smokers Health Protection Amendment Act (Bill 37), 553-554

Engel, Carla (Métis Child and Family and Community Services Program)

Child and Family Services Authorities Act (Bill 35), 419-421

Culturally appropriate programming, 420

Employees, training for, 421

Métis, definition of, 421

Enns, Harry (Lakeside) P.C.

Order of Manitoba Amendment Act (Bill 4), 2

Portage District General Hospital Foundation, An Act to Amend and Act to Incorporate (Bill 300), 3

Provincial Police Amendment (Aboriginal Policing) Act (Bill 44)

Opening statements, 306-307

Environment Amendment Act (Bill 10)


Chomiak, 47-48

Cummings, 48

Hawranik, 47


Chomiak, 45-46

Cummings, 44-46

Municipal compliance

Chomiak, 47

Hawranik, 47

Evergreen School Division. See Furgala, Ruth Ann


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