Law Amendments - 3rd Session - 37th Legislature

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7-Eleven Stores. See Harder, Pauline



Tena, Teresita (Garven Convenience Store)

Non-Smokers Health Protection Amendment Act (Bill 37)

Tobacco product displays, 551-552

The Purchase of Winnipeg Hydro Act (Bill 49)


Clause 9(6)

Selinger 585; passed, 585

Clause 10(2)

Loewen 585; defeated, 587

Thompson, Bruce (Alliance for the Prevention of Chronic Diseases)

Non-Smokers Health Protection Amendment Act (Bill 37)

Written submission, 576-582

Thorsteinson, Grant (Manitoba Municipal Administrators Association)

Local Authorities Election Amendment Act (Bill 7), 31-34

Nonresident landowners, 31-34

Tourism and Recreation Act. See Resource Tourism Operators Act (Bill 50)

Toyne, Don (MACS Convenience Stores)

Non-Smokers Health Protection Amendment Act (Bill 37)

Consumer education programs, 539

Tobacco product displays, 539

Transcona-Springfield Teachers' Association. See Spytkowski, Marijka

Traverse, Diana (Private Citizen)

Provincial Police Amendment (Aboriginal Policing) Act (Bill 44)

Dakota Tipi First Nation

Gaming revenue, 262-263, 264

Police service, 262-263, 265-266


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