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Crown Corporations Index



Aboriginal employment opportunities

Manitoba Hydro

Thomson, 40

Wuskwatim Generating Station

Thompson, 38

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

Crown corporations, funding from

Graydon, 29-30

Hodgins, 159

Neufeld, 30

Rondeau, 30

Zubach, 29-30

Gambling addiction programs, access to

Ashton, 160

Ewasko, 160-161

Mehmel, 160-161

Agencies, boards and commissions–appointments. See specific crown corporations

AIR MILES. See Manitoba Liquor Control Commission

Alcohol awareness programs. See Be the Influence; Be Undrunk; With Child-Without Alcohol; Youth & Alcohol Summit

Appeal Commission and Medical Review Panel

Annual report

December 2009, 57

passed, 81

December 2010, 57

Ashton, Hon. Steve (Thompson) N.D.P.

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

Gambling addiction programs, access to, 160

Assiniboia Downs

Video lottery terminal revenues, 163


Responsible gaming centres, 159-160

Gambling addictions

Access to programs, 160

Increase, 169

Harness racing industry

Funding inquiries, 162-163

Liquor and lotteries merger, 143, 168-169

Manitoba Gambling Research Program

Funding, 142

Manitoba Lotteries Corporation

Amateur sport initiatives, 142

Bingo volunteer programs, 145-146

Flight Deck program, 142

Harness racing support, 162-163

Opening remarks, 141-143

Top employer recognition, 142

Online gaming

Concerns with, 163-164, 170-171

Initiative, 142

Projected revenue, 142

Sports betting, availability of, 167

True North Sports & Entertainment

Video lottery terminal revenues, 149

Video lottery terminals

Replacements, 142

Revenue commission

Assiniboia Downs, 163

Municipal allocation, 142

True North Sports & Entertainment, 149

Winnipeg Jets

Flight Deck program, 142

Assiniboia Downs. See also Harness racing industry

Video lottery terminal revenues

Ashton, 163

Graydon, 163

Hodgins, 156

Stefanson, 156

Auto theft


Gerrard, 120

McLaren, 120

Autobody shops

I-Car certification method contract

Helwer, 108-109

McLaren, 109-110

Automobile Injury Mediation Office

Pilot program evaluation

Swan, 84


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