Can't Find a Property?

If you can't find the property you are looking for, try one of these suggestions:

  • The property may not be described in our records in the format you are expecting. For example,
    • If you are unsuccessful in looking for a property using a civic address, try a different search, such as lot/block/plan. Even though many properties have civic addresses, those addresses may not be stored in our records.
    • If you are unsuccessful in looking for a property by lot/block/plan number, try using the roll number.
  • All properties can be found by using a specific roll number. To find your roll number, look on your annual municipal tax notice.
  • You will not find a cottage or piece of property in an Indian Reserve or a provincial or federal park, because they are not within any municipality's boundaries and are, therefore, not assessed.
  • Some remote parts of the province are not located within a municipality and are also not assessed.
  • If a civic search returns more than one building with the same street address, the likely cause is that the buildings are in different unincorporated villages in the same municipality. If the descriptions of the properties are very different, it is even more likely so. Examine the description to determine where eachproperty is.
  • Each municipality also has a paper copy of the assessment roll for the current year on display. For a list of the municipal offices click here.
  • Properties located in the City of Winnipeg have assessment information available by clicking here.

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