Youth Drug Stabilization Act

Information for Parents

In Manitoba, the Youth Drug Stabilization (Support for Parents) Act came into effect Nov. 1, 2006.Youth Drug Stabilization Act

The Youth Drug Stabilization (Support for Parents) Act provides a way to access involuntary detention and short-term stabilization for young Manitobans under 18 years of age. However, the act is intended as a last resort, when other measures have been unsuccessful and where a youth is causing serious self-harm through severe, persistent substance abuse.

The purpose of the stabilization period is to provide a safe, secure environment to engage the youth and develop a treatment plan that he or she will follow after discharge.

This fact sheet will help you determine if you should apply under the act for an apprehension order. It outlines what you need to do before you take this step and the steps that you need to follow if you feel that involuntary stabilization is the only option.