Healthy eating is important at all ages, as nutritional needs change throughout the lifecycle.

Pregnancy and Preconception

Pregnancy and PreconceptionHealthy eating in child-bearing years, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding is important for both mom and baby. Making healthy eating and lifestyle choices during these times gives babies the best start in life. See more here!


children Encouraging healthy eating at a young age will help kids grow into the body they are meant to have and promote a positive relationship with food. See more here!


adultsThe types and amounts of nutrients a body needs changes with aging. Despite a person's age, eating well and maintaining an active lifestyle is important for health and wellness. See more here!


infants There is much to learn about the newest family member.  These resources on infant feeding and nutrition can help raise a healthy eater. See more here!


teens Adolescence (i.e. ages 13-18) is a time of rapid growth with many physical, mental and emotional changes. It's also a time to maintain a healthy attitude towards food and body image to ensure energy and nutrient needs are met for growth, to concentrate well at school and participate in sports and activities. See more here!


seniors As people age they tend to eat less while their need for certain nutrients increases.  Eating healthy and being physically active can go a long way towards maintaining and even improving quality of life. See more here!