Care for Your Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic brings a high level of stress and anxiety as it rapidly changes the way we work, socialize and live.

Caring for your mental health is important in these times. If you need help or know someone who does, you are not alone.

Ask for help

Health and well-being must be supported by a network of people who can share your experiences with you. Don’t try and manage by yourself. Talk to family and friends and use the resources in your community:

  • health care providers
  • spiritual care providers and advisors
  • professional counsellors

Need Help Now? Contact a Crisis Line.


Services Available for Manitobans

Kids Help Phone is available to those under 16 years of age.

Local mental health and addiction organizations have adapted the way they are offering service to better accommodate Manitobans during the pandemic.


Strongest Families Institute

Strongest Families Institute provides accessible, evidence-based, bilingual skills based e-mental health services for children, youth, adults and families. The ICAN (Conquer Anxiety and Nervousness) Program provides adults (18+ years) with life-skills to overcome anxiety, help with depression and how to cope with major life stressors. SFI offers a choice of:

  • ICAN: One-to-one or group-based telephone coaching (handbook/DVDs or website/app).

Click below to self-refer to our coached program or call 1-866-470-7111.

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ICAN DIY (self-help with no coaching): Do ICAN yourself, working at your own pace without the support of a Strongest Families telephone coach. The self-guided program is complete on our secure website of app.

Click below to self-refer to the ICAN DIY, self-help, online program.

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Professionals such as Mental Health and Addictions Physicians can refer clients via fax (1-866-470-7222) or email (, To access the referral form Click Here.

Children and youth continue to require a referral to access SFI programs. Parents, guardians and caregivers can call their regional health authority, the Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre or their primary health-care provider for a referral. Available children’s programs include:

  • Parents Empowering Kids
  • Chase Worries Away
  • Defeat Anxiety
  • Dry Nights Ahead

Click Here for Strongest Families program descriptions for children and youth.

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba has developed a series of helpful webinars for dealing with substance use and addiction during the pandemic.


Wellness Together Canada

Wellness Together Canada is a mental health and substance use website to support people across Canada in both official languages. Wellness Together Canada provides online resources, and connects you to peer support workers, social workers, psychologists and other trained professionals, at no cost. Resources include:

  • Immediate text support
  • Information and videos on common mental health issues
  • Mental wellness programs you can do on your own and with coaching
  • Monitored communities of support
  • Individual phone, video, and text counselling

Visit for more information.

Click Here to view a summary of resources offered by Wellness Together Canada.



Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Mindfulness (CBTm) is an education program designed to help you build resilience and improve your mental health wellness. Manitobans can now self-refer to the CBTm program. Information on the classes available can be found at