Selkirk Mental Health Centre is Accredited by Accreditation Canada


As per the Regional Health Authorities Amendment Act (Health System Governance and Accountability):

Accreditation of health authority

23.4(1)  A health authority must, in accordance with any directions of the minister, ensure that it is accredited by the health accreditation body or bodies approved by the minister, and that its accreditation is maintained at all times.

Duty to participate

23.4(2) A health corporation or health care organization that delivers health services and receives funding from a health authority must participate in the authority’s accreditation process as required by the authority in order for it to obtain accreditation

Copy of accreditation report to be made public

23.4(3) Within 60 days after receiving a final report about accreditation from an approved health accreditation body, a health authority must

(a) provide a copy of the report to the minister; and
(b) publish the report on the authority’s website