Consumer and Family Advisory Committees

Patients and family have valuable contributions to make to the programs and the operation of Selkirk Mental Health Centre.

Patient Assembly

Patient Assembly is a patient-run board which operates independently in each area. Patient Assemblies assist patients to develop the ability to communicate and support their efforts in bringing their concerns, ideas or complaints to the appropriate people in the most suitable manner. Patients are assisted in the facilitation by resource staff. It is also an opportunity for ongoing communication between patients and program team members. Patient Assemblies also provide representation to the Client/Consumer Advisory participating in the exchange of ideas and information.

Consumer Advisory

This committee advises S.M.H.C. on matters of patient care and services provided by the Centre. Consumer Advisory is made up of members from all the Patient Assemblies, Resource staff and a member(s) of the Management Team.

Patient Newspaper: "SMHC Enterprise"

The idea for the development of a newspaper for the patients of Selkirk Mental Health Centre came about in September of 1994. A number of individuals, both patients and staff, went to work on the first issue, which was published that winter just before Christmas. The "SMHC Enterprise", as it came to be called, continues to be published by consumers and staff four times a year.

Its mandate is to provide a means by which consumers and staff develop an awareness of events and concerns at the Centre. All patients have the opportunity to express ideas, feelings, etc. through submissions of art, poetry, short stories, recipes or whatever they wish. Patients throughout the Centre are very active in writing, interviewing, typing, editing and distributing each edition (spring, summer, fall and winter).

Family Advisory Committee

Selkirk Mental Health Centre’s Family Advisory Committee is a forum for family members of patients receiving or who have received care at Selkirk Mental Health Centre. The purpose of the committee is to offer advice regarding policies, planning initiative, programs and services at the Centre.

The Family Advisory Committee meets four times per year (December, March, June and September) for one-and-a-half hours during the evening. The meeting takes place at Selkirk Mental Health Centre and a light supper is provided to members. Some members attend the meeting through speakerphone.