Patients' Rights and Responsibilities

The Patients' Rights and Responsibilities is intended as a learning document for both patients and staff in the joint pursuit of mental health treatment. It is not intended to be legally binding. It is hoped that this will allow for the promotion of dignity, worth and self-determination of patients in their treatment, while being balanced by the responsibilities of the patient. The SMHC core values of Care, Hope and Empowerment are a cooperative effort between the patients, staff and Centre.

The rights of the patient are at all times affected by the necessities of treatment where such things as competence are a factor.

Selkirk Mental Health Centre, within the parameters of its current resources and legislation aspires to provide all patients with the following rights:

l) The Right to Respect and Dignity

All patients have the right to:

  1. Be treated with respect and be called by the name of their choice.
  2. Express their needs and be treated in accordance with personal values.
  3. Express their individuality and sexuality within socially accepted limits.
  4. Be treated as an equal and an individual.
  5. Keep and display personal property in their room while adhering to safety requirements and respecting the rights of others.
  6. Communicate with people outside the centre through correspondence, telephone and personal visits as well as send and receive personal mail unopened as guided by the Mental Health Act and the Criminal Code Review Board.
  7. Not be subjected to unnecessary restraints.
  8. Die with dignity surrounded by people of their choice.

ll) The Right to Privacy

As can reasonably be maintained by the physical environment; all patients have the right to:

  1. Have proper identification in their bed area if they so wish, and to have privacy within that area.
  2. Have time to themselves if they so desire.
  3. Communicate privately with persons of their choice and not to be interrupted during this communication without valid reason.
  4. Be assured of confidential treatment of personal and medical records.
  5. Be assured that their privacy and confidentiality is protected because no pictures/ videos are permitted on Selkirk Mental Health Centre grounds. Special permission may be granted upon request to the treatment team.

lll) The Right to Health, Safety and Well-Being

All patients have the right to:

  1. Be protected within their environment.
  2. Receive staff support to achieve independence and to receive staff assistance when necessary.
  3. Live in a safe, clean and healthy environment.
  4. Be free from mental, physical and sexual abuse.
  5. Be properly sheltered, fed, clothed and cared for in a manner consistent with their needs.
  6. Receive medical attention as and when necessary.

lV) The Right to Information and Freedom of Expression

All patients have the right to:

  1. Be informed on all matters, issues, etc. that concern them in the Centre.
  2. Be informed regarding their diagnosis, treatment and medication.
  3. Question treatment, be informed of side effects, be informed of other treatment options available and know the consequences of refusal.
  4. Know Centre staff and what services they provide.
  5. Pursue cultural, religious and other interests to develop their potential, and to be given reasonable provisions to accommodate these pursuits, providing it does not infringe on the rights of others, or the safety of the Centre.
  6. Have feelings and to express those feelings in ways that do not violate the dignity of others.
  7. Be communicated with in their own language as much as resources may reasonably allow.
  8. Be informed of the procedure for initiating complaints.
  9. Be fully informed of all programs, services and educational resources that are available within the Centre and the community.
  10. Examine their clinical records in accordance with relevant legislation.

V) The Right to Have Responsibility and Participate

All patients have the right to:

  1. Make recommendations to Administration with regard to the organization and running of the Centre.
  2. Exercise their right to vote and to have physical accessibility to polling stations during Federal, Provincial and Municipal elections.
  3. Participate in activities of daily living and recreation at a pace that is comfortable and in a manner that is acceptable to the consumer while respecting the rights of others in a socially-acceptable manner.
  4. Make choices in their day to day activities.
  5. Manage their own financial affairs to the full extent of their ability.

Should some aspect of the patient's treatment seem unsatisfactory, it is recommended that the patient discuss it with his/her treating physician or any other member of his/her treatment team

Patient's Responsibilities

For the patient's own benefit and the benefit of others, the patient must observe the following:
All patients have the responsibility to:

  1. Respect the rights and property of other patients, staff, and the Centre.
  2. Participate as much as they can with the staff in their treatment.
  3. Use the Centre services wisely and to refrain from abusing these services.
  4. Be responsible for their actions and the outcomes arising from those actions.  Not share/discuss the personal information of others without the person’s direct knowledge and permission. The exception is when the person involved may be in danger of hurting themselves or others.
  5. Abide by the rules and regulations of the Centre.
  6. Look after their own belongings in a reasonable fashion and report missing belongings to staff.
  7. Respect "out of bounds" areas, which include patients' cubicles, the team station, and the Medication Room/Treatment Room, unless permission is given.
  8. Take good care of the patient's own physical needs such as eating, bathing, and dressing in a manner that is appropriate to the activities and the season.
  9. All patients have the responsibility to not consume alcohol, non-prescription medications, herbal preparations or street drugs while undergoing treatment at Selkirk Mental Health Centre, without the prior knowledge of their doctor and treatment team.

    The above substances should not be brought onto the Centre’ grounds for any reason. All patients have the responsibility to inform staff if they find or have knowledge of any of these substances locate don or being used on the Centre’s grounds.
  10. Check in with the nurse on duty before leaving on a scheduled pass.