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Aquatic Invasive Species

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Help protect Manitoba's waters and resources.

Before launching any watercraft or water-related equipment into any Manitoban waterbody such as a lake, river or wetland, and before leaving the boat launch:

CLEAN watercraft, trailer, all water-related equipment.

  • Remove all detectable aquatic plants, aquatic invasive species and mud.
  • Rinse all surfaces that came into contact with the water with hot water - preferably 50°C (122°F) or hotter - to kill any AIS including Zebra Mussels. Use high pressure to remove any attached mussels. Young mussels attaching to surfaces feels like sandpaper.  
  • Inspect drain holes, speedometer brackets, motors, propellers, and other difficult to clean areas, including the trailer and vehicle as Zebra Mussel like to hide in recessed and hard to access areas.

Common places where aquatic invasive species like Zebra Mussels can be found on a boat and trailer.

DRAIN all on-board water from the motor, livewell, bilge, ballast tanks and bait buckets. Any hard to completely drain areas should be dried with a dry towel or sponge.

DRY all water-related equipment  and watercraft completely. One option is to leave the water-related equipment and/or watercraft to dry in the hot sun for at least 5 days (if rinsing with hot water is not available). Leave all compartments open to allow drying. Alternatively, dry for 8 consecutive days in the spring/fall or 3 days of exposure to constant freezing temperatures (-10°C or lower).

  • Young Zebra Mussels (veligers) can die quickly out of water; adult Zebra Mussel (with a shell) can survive up to 7 to 30 days out of water in damp, cool conditions.

DISPOSE of un-used bait and worms in the trash, and dump bait bucket water on land.
Never release aquarium pets, plants or water into our lakes, rivers or wetlands.

To report a Zebra Mussel or any other AIS from a new location, please take pictures and report a sighting by clicking Report a Aquatic Invasive Species link or call 1-87-STOP AIS-0 (1-877-867-2470).

To learn about "how to clean, drain, dry your boat", please watch Clean Watercraft video. (Video Courtesy of Minnesota DNR)

Aquatic Invasive species (AIS) such as Zebra Mussels, Spiny Waterflea, Rusty Crayfish, and four species of Asian Carp are listed as a schedule attached to the Aquatic Invasive Species Regulation (SOR/2015-0212) under the federal  Fisheries Act. Possessing any of these listed  species in Manitoba is illegal. To learn about the species subject to prohibitions and controls visit the federal regulation site at the Canadian government's law website.

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