Apprenticeship Fees

The following Fees are outlined in the Apprenticeship and Trades Qualification Fees Regulation.

General Fees

Apprenticeship Application
(including change of employer or change of trade)
Practical Examination for Certification $75.00
(including: provincial, interprovincial & practical exams)
Level Placement Exam $100.00
Replacement certificate, pocket card or practical experience record book $35.00
Temporary Permit $15.00
Renewable Endorsement on Certification (Authorization to Practise)
For Hairstylist, Esthetician and Electrologist trades
Late Payment Fee
(on Renewable Endorsements-Authorization to Practise, Hairstylist, Esthetician and
Electrologist trades)
NSF Cheque Service Fee $20.00
Provincial Certificate Holder for Interprovincial "Red Seal" Exam $75.00
Recognition for Canadian Certificates of Qualification
Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT)


Trades Qualification Fees

Trades Qualification Application (Includes PLAR services) $100.00
Trades Qualification Certification Exam $250.00
Trades Qualification Certification Re-Examination
(inc. provincial, interprovincial and practical exams)
Trades Qualification without Exam Application (grandparenting)
(available for a limited time only; for compulsory certification trades only)


Tuition and Book Fees

For class length up to 8 weeks $400.00
For each additional week of class after the initial 8 weeks $50.00
Books and materials (approximately, per program)
Books are available for purchase from the corresponding college
$800.00 -