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Technical Training

Technical Training is an important part of your apprenticeship program. You should be going to school once a year to make sure that you are progressing through the levels and towards your pathway for completion.


Register for Technical Training

2022-23 Technical Training Registration Information

Apprenticeship Manitoba, in collaboration with the colleges, has finalized a technical training schedule for new classes being held between April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023. Please review the registration information carefully and pay special attention to the COVID-19 Vaccination Update for Apprentices attending Technical Training which can be found at the end of this information update.

Apprenticeship Manitoba is working to provide the best client service despite some disruption in service delivery due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Apprenticeship Manitoba continues to register clients online and over the phone only. Additionally, to overcome registration capacity concerns and ensure more timely access, the registration process will be modified so that registrations occur on a trade-by-trade basis. A Trade Registration Table is posted below.

Be certain of the college and dates of training and always confirm technical training dates with your employer prior to making a registration payment. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Clients progressing through their apprenticeship and registering for their next level of training are encouraged to apply online. To register for your next level of training, go to

If you have not created your login and password, activated your account, or have forgotten your password, please go to to begin the process, do not wait until registration week. The Help Desk is available now and during registration week – contact them by phone at 204-945-3337 or toll-free at 1-877-978-7233 or by direct email at the site, if you: have issues logging in, need to activate your account or have forgotten your password.

If you are repeating a level of training or have High School (HSAP) Incentive credits please call 204-945-4016 or 1-888-945-4016. (Note: clients with HSAP Credits who choose to go online to pay their personal contribution fee will not be refunded).

Employers who wish to pay for technical training on behalf of their apprentice(s) may call 204-945-4016 or 1-888-945-4016 (separate payment is required for each apprentice). Please ensure you have confirmed with your apprentice(s) of the training dates prior to making a registration payment. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Apprentice Personal Contribution Fees to register for training:

Apprentice Personal Contribution Fees for Technical Training The Province pays the remaining tuition for each apprentice, which is an average of $4,200 per technical training course
4-8 Week Course $464.00
9 Week Course $522.00
10 Week Course $580.00
11 Week Course $638.00
12 Week Course $696.00


2022-2023 TTRW
Trade Registration Table
Nov 22, 2021
Nov 23, 2021
Nov 24, 2021
Nov 25, 2021
Nov 26, 2021
Regular Business Automotive Service Technician (includes ASEP and ASSET)
Construction Electrician Level 1 only
Industrial Electrician Level 1 only
Landscape Horticulturist
Power Electrician Level 1 only
Power Electrician Level 4 only
Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Mechanic
Agriculture Equipment Technician
Construction Electrician Level 2 only
Heavy Duty Equipment Technician
Industrial Electrician Level 2 only
Power Electrician Level 2 only
Truck & Transport Mechanic
Regular Business
Nov 29, 2021
Nov 30, 2021
Dec 1, 2021
Dec 2, 2021
Dec 3, 2021
Aircraft Maintenance Journeyperson
Construction Electrician Level 3 only
Insulator (Heat & Frost)
Industrial Electrician Level 3 and 4 only
Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)
Automotive Painter
Domestic Gasfitter
Motor Vehicle Body Repairer (Metal & Paint)
Sheet Metal Worker
Sloped Roofer
Construction Electrician Level 4 only
Painter and Decorator
Sprinkler Fitter
Tool and Die Maker
Transport Trailer Technician
Marine & Outdoor Power Equipment Technician
Regular Business Regular Business



  • Training for the following trades remains under discussion: Boom Truck Hoist Operator, Mobile Crane Operator, Tower Crane Operator. Dates to be determined.
  • There is no scheduled training at this time for the following trades: Computer Numeric Control Machinist (CNC), Construction Craft Worker, Pork Production Technician.
  • Training for the following trades is offered out of Province: Glazier, Industrial Instrumentation Mechanic, Partsperson (online delivery), Concrete Finisher, Floorcovering Installer, Recreation Vehicle Service Technician.
  • Training for the following trades is administered by the Employer or Organization: Diesel Engine Mechanic, Railway Car Technician, Gas Turbine Repair & Overhaul Technician/

Training Delivery

Training delivery continues to be a combination of online and in-person delivery for most trades, however, there has been a recent pivot to more in-person training. We still ask our apprentices to be prepared for either delivery model when registering for a course and to also visit the Colleges’ website for vaccination mandate information prior to registering. Some trades may have more online content delivered than others based on what is needed in each trade, and may vary by level of instruction being taught. This format may also be impacted by the capabilities of each training provider to provide services based upon their specific needs and abilities, as well as the current health restrictions that may be in place at any given time. Access to the appropriate electronic devices to ensure the best experiences with online delivery and content should be considered by each client. This typically includes a desktop, laptop or tablet and a reliable internet/Wi-Fi connection.

Read through these key documents:


Registration Period Highlights

Take note that you must register for a course at least 10 weeks prior to its start date. A course may be cancelled if there are not enough apprentices registered in it; if this happens you will be notified by Apprenticeship Manitoba.

Register online through AccessManitoba 

IMPORTANT: If you have not used AccessManitoba or forgot your username and password, contact the AccessManitoba Help Desk to retrieve your login information. Current apprentices will not be able to retrieve this information if they create themselves as a new user. Employers will not be able to register on behalf of their apprentices online.

Note: Course registration is not available in the following trades for the following reasons:

  • Beauty Trades – Esthetician, Electrologist and Hairstylist - There is no technical training requirement
  • Electric Motor System Technician, Concrete Finisher, Floorcovering Installer, Glazier, Industrial Instrument Mechanic, Partsperson, Technical training is delivered outside of Manitoba
  • Diesel Engine Mechanic, Pork Production Technician, Gas Turbine Repair & Overhaul Technician, Railway Car Technician, - Technical training registration administered by the employer or organization
  • CNC Machinist , Recreation Vehicle Service Technician , Steel Fabricator - No technical training courses scheduled
  • Water and Wastewater Technician and Insulator (Heat and Frost) – classes not yet scheduled

Textbook Information

A listing of the required textbooks may be obtained from your instructor on the first day of classes or by contacting the bookstore of the college that you are attending.

There are financial supports in place to take in consideration as you attend your technical training. Learn more about financial supports while in technical training.