UNHS Referrals: Regional Audiology Centres


Northern RHA

Prairie Mountain
Health RHA

Southern Health-
Santé Sud RHA

Winnipeg RHA

Selkirk Hearing Clinic
Box 5000
100 Easton Dr
Selkirk, MB
Canada, R1A 2M2
Ph: (204) 482-5800
Fax: (204) 785-7484

The Pas and Flin Flon Hearing Clinics
Box 240, 111 Cook Ave
The Pas, MB
Canada, R9A 1K4
Ph: (204) 623-9697
Fax: (204) 627-8285

Brandon Hearing Centre
Town Centre - Public
Health Services
A5-800 Rosser Ave
Brandon, MB
Canada, R7A 6N5
Ph: (204) 578-2393
Fax: (204) 578-2823

Audiology Boundary Trails Health Centre
Box 2000, Station Main
Winkler, MB
Canada, R6W 1H8
Ph: (204) 331-8828
Fax: (204) 331-8913

Specialized Services for Children and Youth (SSCY) Centre
1155 Notre Dame Ave
Winnipeg, MB
Canada, R3E 3G1
Ph: (204) 258-6551
Fax: (204) 258-6799


Thompson Hearing

867 Thompson Dr
Thompson, MB
Canada, R8N 1Z4
Ph: (204) 677-5385
Fax: (204) 778-1453


Audiology Portage la Prairie
Portage District General Hospital
25 Tupper St North
Portage la Prairie, MB
Canada, R1N 3K1
Ph: (204) 239-2439
Fax: (204) 857-5259





Audiology Steinbach
365 Reimer Ave
Steinbach, MB
Canada, R5G 0R9
Ph: (204) 346-7009
Fax: (204) 346-7023


If you have any questions about the UNHS services, please contact your regional audiology centre or Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living at atsc@gov.mb.ca.