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Resources and Opportunities

Below is a sampling of the available research and publications on international education.

More information on international education-related resources, opportunities and professional development are available on other web pages in this section.

Study in Manitoba – Your Passport to Success

Study in Manitoba - Your Passort to Success pdf

English (pdf) – Your Passport to Success
Votre passeport pour réussir (pdf)

French (pdf) –
Votre passeport pour réussir
Su pasaporte hacia el éxito pdf

Spanish (pdf) –
Su pasaporte hacia el éxito

Mandarin (pdf) – 走向成功的通行证
Seu passaporte par o sucesso pdf

Portuguese (pdf) –
Seu passaporte para o sucesso

'Your Passport to Success' booklets are available for free download using the links above.

If you wish to purchase multiple copies of ‘Your Passport to Success’ booklets, please specify the item by its stock number and place your order through Manitoba Text Book Bureau (MTBB).

  1. English – Your Passport to Success: stock # 14665
  2. French – Votre passeport pour réussir: stock # 14669
  3. Mandarin – 走向成功的通行证: stock # 14667
  4. Portuguese – Seu passaporte para o sucesso: stock # 14668
  5. Spanish – Su pasaporte hacia el éxito: stock # 14666


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Adding an International Dimension to Teaching and Learning

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