Technician/Technologist Program

Civil Engineering Technology students can complete program requirements within 3 years. The 1st year can be completed at Red River College (RRC) (approx. 200 students) in Winnipeg, Assiniboine Community College (ACC) (approx. 15 students) in Brandon or University College of the North (UCN) in Thompson. Both ACC and UCN 1st year courses are all transferable to Red River College for the 2nd and 3rd year of the technology program. Those students not wishing to continue past the first year are eligible for a Civil Technician certificate if the student completes a co-op program or technical certification dependant on the educational institution.

Attention: Civil Engineers or Civil Technologists
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The 1st school term is 10 months and runs from late august until the end of April. The 2nd & 3rd terms are six (6) months run from November until the beginning of May. This schedule allows the students to complete the two (2) required co-op work terms (approx. 6 months each) from May until the end of October.

Upon graduation, students who choose to further their education can continue on to Lakehead University in Thunder Bay (approx. 2.5 years) or University of Manitoba (approx. 3 years) to become Civil Engineers.


Red River College (RRC)
University College of The North (UCN)
Assiniboine Community College (ACC)

  • Students enrolled in a Civil Technician or Technologist program are eligible for hire for Co-op work terms throughout the program. These co-op terms generally consist of two terms approximately 6 months each.
  • Wages for co-op students range from over $16/hr to over $19/hr and average approx $17,000.00 to $20,000.00 plus overtime for a six month term.
  • Upon completion of the program, Students are eligible for Full-time employment as an FEA (4th step of EA2)
  • Competition and offers are contingent on graduation ($19.35/hr, $40,383 annual)
  • A Technologist Development Program (TDP) is currently being developed within the department.
  • Internal Training Programs are also made available for advancement

Red River College (RRC) – ACCESS

The RRC Access program is a 1yr program designed for Aboriginal applicants that don’t meet the Civil/CAD Technology admission requirements (see RRC homepage). This program provides personal, academic and financial support to all their students, as well as satisfies the Co-op/Practicum requirement. Students are also able to exit to Technician or Technology Programs.

  • Upon completion of the first year of Civil Technology including a co-op work term, students are qualified for a Civil Technician certificate.
  • This enables students to be eligible for Full-time employment as a FEA (1st step of EA2).
  • Competition and offers are contingent on graduation ($17.58/hr, $36, 689 annual).
  • Internal Training Programs are also made available for advancement.

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