2017 Bid Results

Bid Results Library

The following table contains the Bid Results and Tender Tabulations for all of Infrastructure's contracts for the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, water control works and goods and services.

Bid Results are posted immediately after the Bid Submission Deadline and are unconfirmed results as read at the public tender opening.

Tender Tabulations are posted later and contain detailed bidding information that has been verified.

Archived Bid Results

Contract Description
Date of Public Opening
Bid Results (Unverified)
Tender Tabulations (Verified)
6726 Phase 2 Slope Stabilization at Powerview Creek on PTH 11 (N/B) (Vicinity of Pine Falls) January 17, 2017 6726 Results (PDF, 23 KB)  
6729 Granular Base Course and Asphalt Surface Treatment PR 373 Whiskey Jack (PR 374) to Minago River January 10, 2017 6729 Results (PDF, 23 KB) 6729 (PDF, 30 KB)
6727 Stockpiling Aggregate (EPP) And Clearing Rice River Road January 5, 2017 6727 Results (PDF, 23 KB) 6727 (PDF, 30 KB)