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Ferry Schedules

For further information call:

Northern Airports & Marine Operations
310 - 215 Garry Street
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3P3

Telephone: (204) 945-3424


South Indian Lake

M. V. Charles Robert

Out Of Service


C. F. Johnny Paul

Daily 24 Hour Service

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Split Lake - York Landing

M. V. Joe Keeper

Closed for the Season

In Season - Daily Service (weather permitting)
Departs York Landing 08:00
Arrives Split Lake 10:00
Departs Split Lake 10:30
Arrives York Landing 12:30
Departs York Landing 13:30
Arrives Split Lake 15:30
Departs Split Lake 16:00
Arrives York Landing 18:00
Note:  Closed for maintenance every Tuesday.

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Islandview - Bloodvein

M. V. Edgar Wood

Closed for the Season

The MV Edgar Wood will be following its established schedule below. Captain David Stephanson of the MV Edgar Wood can be contacted at 1-204-276-2392 prior to 9 am or call at 204-783-0903, then dial radio # 712441. For further information please contact 204-945-3424. Thank you.

Attention Truckers:

M.V. Edgar Wood max carrying capacity 36,000kg.
Only 48 foot maximum length trailers permitted.
Loads must be evenly distributed.

Failure to abide by the above safety requirements
will result in being denied passage on the ferry.

In Season - Daily Service
Monday and Friday
(weather permitting)
Departs Islandview 09:00
Arrives Bloodvein 10:30
Departs Bloodvein 11:00
Arrives Islandview 12:30
Departs Islandview 13:00
Arrives Bloodvein 14:30
Departs Bloodvein 15:00
Arrives Islandview 16:30
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
(weather permitting)
Departs Islandview 09:00
Arrives Bloodvein 10:30
Departs Bloodvein 12:30
Arrives Islandview 14:00
Alternate Saturday's starting June 14, 2014
(Weather permitting)
Departs Islandview 10:00
Arrives Bloodvein 11:30
Departs Bloodvein 12:00
Arrives Islandview 13:30

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Sea Falls - Norway House

C.F James Apetagon

Open for the Season

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Matheson Island

For further information call:
Matheson Island Community Council
Matheson Island
Phone: (204) 276-2150
P.R. No. 234

C.F. Ingemar Carlson II

Open for the Season

In Season - Daily Service
(weather permitting)
Daily Service 07:00 - 23:00

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