Urban Highway Fund and Commercial Infrastructure Fund

Manitoba Budget 2013 introduced two new cost shared infrastructure funds, the Urban Highway Fund (UHF) and the Commercial Infrastructure Fund (CIF).

Each fund will dedicate up to $25 million per year in provincial funding to 50/50 cost-shared projects requested by either municipal governments (UHF) or private business and developers (CIF). The funds will allow Manitoba Infrastructure (MI) to address more on-highway capital improvement projects of high local priority.

The UHF is intended to support urban infrastructure or growth in urban areas. Projects could include enhancing intersections or reconstructing sections of the designated highway network within a community. Other projects will also be considered.

The CIF will primarily support the commercial businesses and industries that build local economies. Projects could include intersection improvements to support new commercial establishments or road upgrades to allow for higher weight limits. As with the UHF, other projects will also be considered.

MI has already begun accepting applications for both funds. To submit a project for consideration, or for more information about which projects qualify, please contact your local MI regional office (http://www.manitoba.ca/mit/contact/regions.html).

Applications for future funding years must be received by January 30 for the following construction year.