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Thanadelthur was a Chipewyan woman who was born some time in the 17th century in what is now northern Manitoba. She did not leave a written record of her life, but her story has survived through others who bore witness to her remarkable achievements. These achievements have been told and retold in the centuries since they occurred by people who have been impressed with the story of Thanadelthur.

Thanadelthur has survived in the oral history tradition of the Dene, of which the Chipewyan people are one tribe, as well as in the records of the Hudsonís Bay Company (HBC), where her interactions with the HBC are documented. She was instrumental in establishing a peace between the Chipewyan people and the Cree people. The peace negotiated by Thanadelthur facilitated trade relations between the HBC and the Chipewyans and paved the way for the construction of the HBC fort at Churchill, Manitoba.

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