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Government of Manitoba
Stop The Violence
Be more than a bystander....Break the silence
Quick Escape

Watch these videos to find out how men can make a difference

1. One of the guys - Chris Cvetkovic


2. Sexual assault stats - Obby Khan


3. Sexual consent - Chris Kowalczuk


4. Dommages aux enfants (Damage to children) - Pierre Luc Labbé


5. Enseigner aux jeunes le respect des femmes (Teach respect) - Pierre Luc Labbé


6. Animal violence - Chris Cvetkovic


7. Family violence - Obby Khan


8. Don't share explicit photos - Chris Kowalczuk


9. DV has no boundaries - Glenn January


10. Damage to children - Chris Cvetkovic


11. Thousands of calls to police- Andre Douglas


12. Abuse during pregnancy - Chris Cvetkovic


13. Dating violence - Chris Cvetkovic


14. Someone you know? - Cory Watson


15. It's more than physical violence - Glenn January


16. Not cool with the way you talk - Andre Douglas



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