The Manitoba Protein Advantage

Manitoba is home to the world’s largest pea processing facility, the world’s largest hemp processing company, the first canola protein processor in North America and Canada’s largest bacon processing facility. The growing demand for protein puts Manitoba in a strong position to not only process the raw commodity but also incorporate the manufactured ingredients in further value-added consumer products. It is also home to cutting-edge food processing and world class research infrastructure in the agri-food space.

The Manitoba Protein Advantage Strategy

Manitoba released the Manitoba Protein Advantage in 2019 to grow the plant and animal protein industry and create new value for producers and processors through innovation and value chain collaboration and attract new investment of $1.5 billion and 1,550 jobs by 2025. The Manitoba government appointed a Manitoba Protein Consortium to provide leadership on projects of strategic importance and encourage stakeholders to mobilize to achieve the Manitoba Protein Advantage Strategy's objectives.

Project ASPIRE: Accelerating Protein Impact and Results

Project ASPIRE: Accelerating Sustainable Protein Impact and Results is the industry-led implementation of the Manitoba Protein Advantage, a collaborative strategy to sustainably grow the protein industry and position Manitoba as a global leader in sustainable protein. 

Manitoba's Sustainable Protein Research Strategy

Manitoba has a robust research ecosystem, and with strategic direction and targeted resources, the province can advance its position as a leader in sustainable protein innovation. Dr. James House, professor at the University of Manitoba’s Department of Food and Human Nutritional Sciences, with the support of Research Associate Dr. Erin Goldberg (University of Manitoba) developed the Manitoba Protein Research Strategy (MPRS) to help advance Manitoba’s Protein Advantage.

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