Protein Innovation

Manitoba is home to outstanding academic institutions and research agencies. These agencies and institutions offer a range of services to increase the innovation potential of Manitoba businesses.

Click on each of the education and research institutions below to learn more about their involvement in research in protein innovation:

Manitoba offers expertise in protein innovation through the following research agencies. Services are available in areas such as protein extraction, co-product use, creating ingredients and products in a sustainable manner and much more. Click on each agency to learn more about them.

The Manitoba government has invested $362,000 in the Food Development Centre for equipment to support protein innovation and commercialization.

Increasing population and income levels in emerging markets are driving global demand for sustainable proteins. In Manitoba, sustainability is our greatest challenge, but it is also our greatest opportunity. Industry, academia, government, and non-profits are working together to strengthen Manitoba’s position as a global leader in sustainable protein.

The Manitoba Protein Research Strategy (MPRS) is a comprehensive strategy that forms a blueprint for the province’s success in the global protein market. The MPRS highlights 46 strategic research projects under four main themes including climate resilience of sustainable protein food systems, novel sustainable protein product development and processing, digital agriculture to enable sustainable food systems, and waste, water, by-product and co-product utilization. The Manitoba government is also investing $1.5 million to support the hiring of a new Strategic Research Chair in Sustainable Protein at the University of Manitoba.

Read this report highlight to discover how this comprehensive action plan will accelerate strategic sustainable protein initiatives in Manitoba. The full Research Strategy is available here.


The Manitoba Protein Challenge

The 2020 Manitoba Protein Challenge has been postponed until further notice. Visit this page to learn more.


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