Sustainability in Manitoba’s Protein Industry

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With a growing world population projected to reach nearly 10 billion by 2050, it is imperative that Manitoba nurtures an innovative environment to increase the efficiency of protein production and processing sustainably. Whether you are a farmer, agri-food processor, part of an industry association, or researcher, there is an opportunity to assess and evolve your operations to address the growing consumer and ecological demands for sustainably produced food.

The implementation of the Manitoba Protein Advantage (MPA) strategy, Project ASPIRE, addresses this need for innovation by providing a comprehensive roadmap with concrete actions under 10 pillars of sustainable protein to grow Manitoba’s agri-food value chain sustainably from farm to fork. Industry-led round tables have been assembled to activate each pillar of sustainable protein.

Several projects in the industry-led ASPIRE round tables are in the planning phase including:

  1. Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
  2. Workforce
  3. Measurement, Monitoring, and Verification
  4. Branding, Marketing, and Communication

More ASPIRE round tables are in the process of becoming activated. Visit our webpage for more information on Project ASPIRE and the Manitoba Protein Advantage Strategy.

Advancing a Sustainable Future for your Business

In Manitoba, we place a high value on sourcing our energy renewably. Over 99 per cent of Manitoba’s electricity is produced from renewable sources including hydro and wind generation. There are several more opportunities to support sustainable practices across all sectors in the agri-food value chain.

Grain Data Solutions

Grain Data Solutions offers measuring, reporting, and verification services to agri-food businesses. The services they offer include:

  • Combining satellite pictures, artificial intelligence, and a team of highly qualified individuals to ensure integrity and quality for carbon offsets provided in farming and forestry.
  • Assessing each individual piece of land in a specific region using image-processing techniques, and comparing it to other pieces of land in the same area.
  • Evaluating the durability of policies like decreased logging, minimum tillage, cover crops, and biodiversity as well as historical patterns in the area.
  • Employing large-scale satellite image analysis and change detection techniques to find any further counter-practice in the region where carbon credit is claimed.
  • Assisting food-processing firms in reducing their scope 3 emissions by tracking the sustainability of their supply and sourcing from the most ecologically friendly farms.

Anthesis Provision

Anthesis Provision integrates purpose, sustainability, and resiliency into business models using a number of tried-and-true procedures and technologies.

Everything from strategic planning, ethical sourcing, and waste reduction to digital marketing, leadership development, and staff training is covered by their transformation services.

Their Food Loss + Waste Prevention Assessment includes:

  • An on-site waste assessment completed by an engineer
  • A complete report documenting the identified economic, social, and environmental savings
  • A prioritized list of initiatives to avoid food waste, together with information on their payback time and return on investment

This assessment improves income, decreases waste, and enhances the sustainability of the production process.

Groupe AGÉCO

Groupe AGÉCO assists firms in navigating a continuously changing business environment by balancing performance, quality, and social acceptability. Their comprehensive strategy tackles economic, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns. Their services include:

Viresco Solutions

Viresco Solutions Inc. is an environmental consulting firm that assists businesses in navigating the challenging and ever-changing aspects of sustainability. Their services are focused on agriculture, waste, bioenergy, greenhouse emissions, and sustainable supply chains. Their services include:

More Information on Manitoba's Sustainability Approach

Explore these pages below to learn more about how your business or organization can make both incremental and transformative changes that contribute towards a safe, resilient, and sustainable future for all Manitobans:


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