Manitoba Centennial Centre Corporation


Mission Statement

“Manitoba Centennial Centre Corporation is an effective and responsible steward of physical, human, financial and technological resources to advance arts, culture and heritage for the benefit of all Manitobans.”

About Manitoba Centennial Centre Corporation

The Manitoba Centennial Centre formed in 1960 to commemorate Canada’s centenary and establish an arts and cultural district in the East exchange, as part of a broader scheme of urban renewal in Winnipeg’s Point Douglas area. Governance of the Manitoba Centennial Centre Corporation (MCCC) is through the Manitoba Centennial Centre Corporation Board.  
The head office for the Manitoba Centennial Centre is 555 Main Street. MCCC manages several important arts and cultural buildings as well as revenue generating parkades.  This includes:
  • Centennial Concert Hall
  • Manitoba Museum
  • The Planetarium and Science Gallery
  • Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre (John Hirsch Mainstage)
  • Tom Hendry Warehouse Theatre
  • Manitoba Production Centre
  • Artspace (The Gault building)
  • three surface parking lots
  • an underground parkade and
  • 11 Lily Street
For more information on MCCC, please visit: