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For TGI Project in Manitoba:

Michelle Nicolas, P. Geo.
Manitoba Geological Survey
Manitoba Economic Development, Investment, Trade and Natural Resources

360-1395 Ellice Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3G 3P2

Telephone: 204-945-6571
Fax: 204-945-0586


For TGI Project in Saskatchewan:

Melinda Yurkowski, P.Geo
Assistant Chief Geologist, Petroleum Geology
Government of Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Geological Survey
Minerals, Lands and Resource Policy Division
Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources
201 Dewdney Avenue East
Regina SK S4N 4G3

Telephone: 306-787-0650
Fax: 306-787-4608
Email: Melinda.YURKOWSKI@gov.sk.ca


For Bibliography/TGI website:

Telephone: 204-945-1119

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