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NOVEMBER 5, 2020

Manitoba Labour Board Updated Response to the COVID 19 Pandemic

Throughout the pandemic, the Board has continued to operate, process applications, and conduct votes, hearings, mediations, and case conferences.  The Board has modified its procedures to allow for virtual proceedings and electronic voting where appropriate and necessary.

As with previously announced plans, the Board’s current approach has been developed carefully, with the input of the labour relations community, to ensure our workplace and our public spaces are as safe as possible, and that matters can continue to be finalized in a fair and efficient manner.

The revised practices and procedures discussed in this notice will remain in effect until March 1, 2021, or such other date as the Board determines is appropriate.

All previously announced measures as set out in the Board’s update issued on June 22, 2020 shall remain in effect. 

During the current phase of the Board’s response to the pandemic, the following additional changes shall be implemented effective immediately:

  • Videoconferencing using the Microsoft Teams platform is the presumptive method for hearings and case management conferences during the COVID-19 pandemic, unless specific circumstances exist in a particular case which require the Board to consider other options;
  • The Board has developed revised Guidelines for Videoconference Hearings which shall be effective as of this date;
  • In all cases which require hearings, the Board shall conduct a case management conference.  In circumstances where parties have specific concerns regarding proceeding with the hearing via videoconference, they may identify those issues at the case management conference.  The Board will determine whether alternate manners of proceeding can be accommodated having regard to applicable public health orders, the principles of procedural fairness, and other relevant considerations; and
  • In order to facilitate orderly and expeditious hearings, the use of Agreed Statements of Fact, Agreed Books of Documents or Exhibits, comprehensive pre-hearing disclosure, and mediation to resolve or narrow matters in dispute, is strongly encouraged and shall be facilitated by the Board.


Updated Guidelines for Videoconference Hearings - November 5, 2020



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