First Session - Thirty-Sixth Legislature


Committees Index

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[Appendix A - Chairpersons]

[Appendix B - Public Presenters/Crown Corporations Staff]

[Appendix C - Schedules]


Committee Indexes

  • Agriculture --Considers material relating to farming, animal husbandry, marketing of natural products

  • Economic Development --Annual Reports for the the Manitoba Lotteries Corporation; Student Aid; Crown Lands; Teachers' Pensions amendments; Manitoba Development Corporation; University of Winnipeg; Education Administration.

  • Law Amendments --Child and Family Services; Order of Manitoba; Acts of incorporation; highway traffic amendments; election amendments, the environment; public school amendments; mines and minerals, vocational institutions.

  • Municipal Affairs-- Considers annual reports for the Forks North Portage Partnership; Bills for the Adult Learning Center; Safe Workplaces and the City of Winnipeg Charter; Labour; Farm practices.

  • Public Accounts--Auditor General reports, follow-up reports and annual reports to the legislature; Public Accounts.

  • Public Utilities and Natural Resources --Considers reports for the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission; Manitoba Hydro Electric Board; Manitoba Public Insurance; annual reports for the Workers Compensation Board.

Bills / Auditor General Reports / Annual Reports